Richard Auger Photography & Auger Studios

Richard Auger is a national award-winning fine-art photographer.  Since late 2010, he has won $20,125 in awards for black and white film documentary of the Florida wilderness, titled the ‘Florida 67′.

Evolve Bicycles

Evolve Bicycles, a down-to-earth bike shop with a mission to get more people on bikes, offers a full range of bicycles, electric bicycles and cycling accessories to satisfy new and experienced riders alike from families with kids to competitive cyclists.  So whether you’re a beginner looking for your first bike or an enthusiast seeking a newer or faster ride, we’ve got you covered!

Real Deal Bicycles

The Realdeal Legacy: Dating back to the 1950’s, the Robaina family has had a passion for two wheeled racing. If you know what a great mechanic can do for a bicycle, come experience what three generations of cycling can offer. From Cruisers to carbon. We can help you achieve your goals. One ride at a time.

Makes Everyone Happy

A company that stands as a positive influence to promote happiness and positive thinking through its graphics and apparel. We focus on people pursuing their passion and happiness for themselves and others. We represent more than clothing and concepts; we represent a way of life. Makes Everyone Happy, finding happiness and sharing it with the world!

Master Vacation Homes

We spend extended periods of time each year inspecting Master Vacation Homes’ collection of vacation homes. We meet with the owners to discuss the operation of their homes, the procurement and handling of reservations and guests; we photograph and document the homes and keep homeowners updated on guest feedback and to ensure any needed upgrades. This direct knowledge of our properties allows us to help you the owner maximize income potential and help our guests select the vacation home that best fits their needs.