ITU World Final Athlete: 2013 & 2015
USAT All American: 2012-2015
Location: Santa Barbara, CA
Hometown: Vero Beach, FL
DOB: November 4, 1988

As a young kid, I dabbled in sports like soccer and baseball, but never really fell in commitment with any of them. I shied away from sports for at that time I was not in any shape was nor very good at them. My spark started in late middle school when I got my first real pair of running shoes. Some sweet New Balance kicks that could propel me more than I ever had before. I actually ran in only New Balance for years since then until they discontinued their minimus line. I started to run a few times a week to try and get my mile time down and was set on doing strength everyday before school. I finally hitch my itch for sport.

Not long after getting into high school, I started swimming, which I loved for all 4 years of high school. I was crowned captain for 3 straight years too. I was able to earn multiple letters to get my very own letterman jacket. While swimming, I continued my strength and run training to enable me to push past other competitors. I was starting to get that competitive spirit in my blood. I even thought about being an athlete as a career and researching the best methods to achieve it.

As I went into college my heart for swimming started to change. I was swimming for my local school at the time when I suddenly lost the love for what I worked so hard for. I felt lost without it. Thankfully, I did not stay in that run for long. I was watching the IRONMAN World Championships on TV with my family when I saw my next step. I wanted to become and IRONMAN. Not only did my dad mention that it was the one thing he never did, but my peers said I would be pretty good at it. So I gave it a shot and whoah was I shocked at how addicting it was.

I stuck with triathlon for nearly the next 10 years of my life. I became and IRONMAN of course and was even able to compete in not only Nationally, but making it to World Championships as well. My thought of becoming a professional athlete when I was a kid was a real possibility. However, the rigorous training takes a toll on you. It took a toll on me mentally. I was so addicted to triathlon, that I neglected the important things in life. I would rather train than spend time with friends or family. I was not stopping to smell the roses in life. What was the point of racing through it if I was not enjoying it anymore?

Since then, I have put my efforts into being mindful of what I do. I enjoy everyday’s training like I used to. My life is back in balance and I am able to continue to make progress toward my goals. I seek to inspire others to live through their passions and know anything is possible if you put yourself up to it.