Injuries are just plain annoying. I’m sure you know the feeling. You want to make progress, but countless injuries get in the way. We all know hard work pays off. However, this hard work shouldn’t be at the cost of our health. Pushing the right amount at the right time is key to being a successful athlete. 

The old saying “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is a fallacy. Sooner or later life will catch up. This doesn’t mean you should slack off, but rather take the appropriate steps to allow recovery and focus on key workouts. Inevitably this will prevent burnout and improve results.

You need to be smart about where you put your effort. Many people spend countless hours pounding in training hours without thinking twice about it. They are convinced that long hours are the only way to achieve their goals. I’ve been there and have made the mistake more than once. It’s easy to see the short term pay off, but it’s at a cost. 

It all comes down to listening to your body. All too often I find myself pushing it too hard when I’m sore or feel an oncoming injury. Even this week, I’ve been pushing through a minor ankle sprain. Continuing forward puts me in limbo between off time and consistent training. The frustration sets in and there’s nothing I can do other than recover or make it worse. It can be hard to remind myself that taking preventative measures will significantly decrease the chance of injury and increase my satisfaction. 

All in all, I’ve learned my lesson. I still make stubborn mistakes at times, but I know my health is the most important. I don’t want you to go the same path I have. It’s much easier to learn from others than make the same mistakes yourself. Find the right balance for you and your body.