As we all know, the world we live in is filled with hate and violence. Time and time again there’s killing and more killing. From across the globe, nearly every country is facing the same discomfort. We really don’t know what it’s like to lose this game until it’s too late. Something needs to be done now.

Terrorism strikes the world on a constant basis. From the 911 attacks to the Orlando Shootings, it’s been a long strand of chaos. There are too many upsets from culture to culture. We all seek freedom, but not everyone is willing to give it. Even with freedom in a country like our own, we are still not free.

People judge one another for the wrong reasons. They base their bias on their clothes, religion, political beliefs, sexual preferences, and worst of all, race. We all want to get along, but there is still so much tyranny. If everyone is so willing to fight for freedom, why do we so quickly take it away because of such nonsense reasons?

I want to see a world at peace with one another. There’s going to be challenges of course, but it doesn’t have to be over such discriminatory purposes. When we look at how we compare to the universe and how small we really are, there’s so much more out there than our own problems. We should focus on the big picture and find our purpose.

With so much of “who’s side are you on?”, a great number are losing friends over it. Respect each others differences and appreciate them for who they are. We need to get over the past and look towards the future. The entire world is in this together. It shouldn’t take a tragic event for us to come together as one.

I want to see more love and happiness out there. From day to day the objective was on happiness, what a difference there would be. Work hard for for it. The hardest route is always the most rewarding. It’s easy to do harm or give up, don’t give in to negativity and be a leader in your own way. Reach towards the stars and help those you can and then got you there along the way.

This life is meant to be enjoyed, not feared each time you walk outside. It’s time to make a stand in the right direction. World peace is not achieved alone. Let’s love and rejoice together to make it possible. Today change that mindset and start making a difference in your life. It will certainly run off on those around you.