Life as we know, most of us take for granted. We have nice cars and fine jewelry. What we forget is how good we really have it. Living. In a first world country has led us with first world problems which do not even compare of that of places in poverty. I am very much a patriot and do not find anything wrong with having nice things, it’s all the way you go about it.

Those that have to keep up with trends or with the “Jones” we say has a bad connotation. I believe we should all give back what we get out of our planet and community. People that live the rich lifestyle only to put others down really shows the lack of dignity one might have. We must honor those that live beside us.

There are those too that want everything without working for it. They must also understand it takes hard work to get anywhere and it’s not up to others to support them. Most rich or well off financial individuals have worked hard to achieve their great success, they shouldn’t be the ones to pay for anyone except giving back to the community of what they took out.

“It takes two to tango”, as we might say, as it is really true in any relationship. We as a human species should understand the levels of life that we must undergo. People have levels to grow and learn from in life to benefit their own growth. Everyone may not have the levels to go and that is where we that have levels to give, give back to the community to give others a chance to build their own.

I wrote this blog today because I see to many people not respecting others quality of life. Too many are in constant hate of the other, when we need to both come to senses. The different sides are what drives the human race down as a whole. To better society and life, we need to focus on love and happiness. If we learn to give others the same respect we would want given to ourselves, this planet would be a much more enlightened place to live. Be thankful everyday for the life you have as someone always has it worse. Lift up others rather than putting them down. Life is to live, let’s live life to its fullest with positive energy.