So many look at naturalists like they are crazy, moreso anyone that doesn’t follow the normals of society. Why should you follow a societys norms that are unhealthy corporatized and selfish? The normal might feel comfortable, the fact is, it’s the easy way out. It’s easy to make money by robbing people in business, it’s easy not to do the right thing. People judge those that actually take the time to lead their own life.

No matter what it is, do your own research to see what works for you, don’t point fingers at others of something you don’t even know about. Even then there will still be differences, but at least you’ve done the homework and have a knowledgeable standpoint.

Most arguments are brought of by differences of opinion. What makes a victor is a good debater that has facts. Without facts all someone has is opinion. It’s ok to have opinions, it’s what makes everyone different, but do your research to stand up for yourself on it.

With that it’s easy to judge others and make fun. Even if something someone is doing might seem so silly, it’s what someone likes to do and they’ll have their reasons. The thing you want is facts though. Do research on reding, but not only on your defense. Read and experiment on the opposing side too. It’s easy to be biased, then it’s just blind information.

On a final note, when it comes to nutrition and ways of life find your way. It’s what I’ve done and k ow what works. I may have not gone to Schiller for nutrition or fitness, but I’ve found out first hand what it takes. Schooling is good, yet it is still one sided. There are two or more sides to any walk of life. Just because it’s published or normal, it doesn’t make it right.

Be different, be happy, live a knowledgeable life. 🙂