I want to write to you all today in response to an experience I think everyone needs to learn. In conjunction with my blog about losing ground, today people really don’t know what is going on. Life is fast paced and we are plugged into the stressed out quick pace of society. We need to stop and smell the roses. Is life really meant to be lived so quickly?

Like racing and everyday life, everyone wants instant results. The fact is, the best results need to wait or take the longest to appear. If we jump in and make irrational decisions, it can lead to greater risk of failure. I’m not saying stay away from risks, it’s how you go about taking them on.

Time and effort is still a good thing to live by, but it should be thought about differently. First off, results are always going to be exactly what you wanted. In would be a lie to say its always going to work out. That’s like saying I’m going to win every single race out there because I train hard. To expect such perfection is ignorant. We must step back and look at the the whole picture.

Being patient and knowing your results that you want will come with time is the best approach. You set the intention and keep on believing, sooner or later it will come true. It might sound like a tale to you, but the truth is, it works. Our mental is stronger than most anyone thinks. Roughly 75% of our performance comes from mental ability.
That’s what it means to literally get your head in the game. Train you mind with you body.

We cant sit around waiting for results either. It’s a matter of putting effort and goals together in unison. Nothing is perfect and there isn’t any particular way to go about it. It relies on will and patience for what you want. Make sure those steps you are taking are the appropriate ones towards your direction. Set those intentions right.

For more reading on this please check out the book called The Secret.