I wanted to talk again about being disconnected in today’s society. It is such an important topic that would help change everything for the better. Everyone is so into their jobs and multitasking, they don’t really know the meaning of what it is to be living.

Coming away from our naturals roots is killing us. We are becoming an angry selfish people. Built up on medications and fake food is altering our mammal Instincts. Materialism is loving tangible assets. How healthy does that sound? Looks like the world is turning into the evil that we are trying to stay away from.

Let’s fix this situation. It’s so simple it’s amazing not many people are catching on. Obesity, sickness and irritability are all easily cured with proper nutrition. Get away from the starchy boxed easy microwave meals! People feel great when they eat healthy so why not do it all the time?

Sleep depravation is another leading problem. Get away from caffeine and all these energy drinks. It’s so bad for you, no wonder you can’t sleep. It’s depleting the adrenal glands and completely killing off the sleep cycle and adrenaline for when it really needs to be used.

Frequency, materialism, and unhappiness are all related to our technology. Loving goods rather than the humans in which we are is terrible. It sounds fake and is transforming us into fake people. Become a minimalist, the less is better. You can live happier without all the garbage we buy. It feels free and can enjoy life so much more for what it is.

Thank you all for reading again this week. It’s just sad so many of us have gotten away from what living is all about. We have gotten disconnected with ourselves and each other. It’s time for us to start living again. As a start, sit in one spot without thinking and just notice the life and beauty around you. Take life in as a warming happiness.

Live life and stop faking it!