It’s a scary sight today seeing so many people disconnected from the world, including themselves. We have done it at some point in time though; searching the web, going on Facebook or even texting. Technology has separated us from our natural way of life. It is not all bad, but what we have become using it, is doing more harm than good.

Violence and disease strikes everywhere on the planet. Technology is not entirely to blame, yet it is a major part of it. From the music we listen to to the food we each, as humans we are ruining our minds and bodies that previous generations have worked so hard to preserve. Being detatched entirely form the natural remnants in which we are from, it is making us a sickening culture.

Medications and state of the art computers do help us to a point. It makes life easier with our daily task organizing and taking a pill for that ill all for a quick fix. We do not even appreciate the things for what life is. When was the last time someone took time to smell the roses or see the scenery to work every day? It’s easy to be zoned out I’m our music or thinking about something else, when we should be in the present moment.

We are still mammals no matter how much society gains in new forms and ways of life. It’s easy to take the easy way out. Listen to your mind, body, and soul, it the purpose to living. Enjoy each breath and take each day by being thankful for being alive. Dont let today’s Chemicals and high frequency waves blast though us and not thinking it is doing any harm. It’s both mental and physical these things change.

Be grounded with the earth and get a true state of life worth living. We are living each day unplugged. It’s such an easy fix and a happier state of being.

Think present moment and be whole with yourself, you’ll be amazed and your attitude and overall well being. Next time you go for a run, try it without headphones or go to yoga. Live a better, happier life.