Many other athletes and almost every known athlete knows of racing for a higher purpose. It’s a purpose to all of our racing and achievements. It doesn’t matter who or what we race for, racing for a higher purpose propels one to the next level.

Believing is oneself is the first step. Believing only is oneself is not conceded, but not racing for a purpose. It can be for religious beliefs or for a loved one, both are reasons for a higher purpose of racing.

These thoughts are what propel me each waking day. I want to show people hope that they too can do it. I believe in inspiring people. An everyday normal kid can get out there and put my body to the test to give people hope that they can do anything they put their mind to.

If you are not sure if you do race for these reasons, think about it next time during a hard workout. What thoughts are going through your head? What keeps you pushing beyond your comfort zone. Racing for a purpose is an unbelievable strength that gives anyone an edge. It’s not being conceded on the thoughts, it’s merely living doing breathing to something other than yourself. What pushes you when you have nothing left to give? What is your purpose?