We all know hard work pays off. What about being smart about that work? Many people spend countless hours pounding in hours training or even working without even thinking twice about it. They feel, like most everyone, it’s going to pay off in the end. No doubt you would see dramatic improvement in a short amount of time, but long term or even efficiency wise, it’s not best.

“what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” a famous quote that almost everyone has heard and follow in hard times (in training and work more or less). We do grow rapidly from beating ourselves down, but in the long term it can literally kill you. It can cause way too much stress than is necessary.

Just like in life it’s best to train smarter rather than harder all the time. This doesn’t mean slacking off for expected results but rather taking the appropriate steps to allow recovery and key workouts. It can prevent burnout and improve results oven greater than pushing hard all the time. This is why training plans are so effective.

It goes hand in hand by enjoying what you do too. No matter what you do, you should only do it for enjoyment for yourself. If you don’t like doing it, then why do it? The sustained effort will be much easier to maintain when you enjoy something. Just be sure to not wear yourself out too quickly going into it. It’s much like running a marathon, you can’t expect to maintain your fastest mile pace at the beginning and expect to finish where you want let alone at all.

So next time you do what you do, give it a controlled effort but make sure you enjoy it first.