Passion is Power!

Life’s Evolution

As we go through life, there is always constant change. We are adapting and doing different tasks everyday. Even with passion and love, we all go through different eras of change. I have made a decision to let this change happen in my life. It is time to move on and...

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Keep on Climbing

Whenever you might hit a wall or a point you are all worn out and think its not all over, its not. Everyone hits a time where they need a break or a boost in moral. Even the strongest of people have times in life to restructure. I too have had this great challenge....

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Making My Comeback

Making my comebackĀ A lot of the time when someone takes a break, they don't come back at all. Getting yourself back to where you once were takes work. It's a long process of keeping focused and having eyes on the target, but with a whole new approach. It gave time to...

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