Inspiring others to follow their dreams through the happiness of what they love to do.

“Passion is Power!”

Making My Comeback

Making my comeback A lot of the time when someone takes a break, they don't come back at all. Getting yourself back to where you once were takes work. It's a long process of keeping focused and having eyes on the target, but with a whole new approach. It gave...

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A Hiatus for Health

Sometimes you just need a break. Whatever you do, you sometimes hit a point you need to get away. We all have a place that we need to recharge to or catch up on before we get back at what want to do. If it is something we want to do, it is that much more important to...

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The World Needs Love

As we all know, the world we live in is filled with hate and violence. Time and time again there's killing and more killing. From across the globe, nearly every country is facing the same discomfort. We really don't know what it's like to lose this game until it's too...

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